by Ross Emmett, Combined Therapies


The Emmett technique is a method of soft tissue adjustment, used as a complementary therapy. The technique involves applying light pressure at particular points and in sequences that enables the gentle physical release of muscle groups. It can be used on its own or to enhance other muscle related and neuro-musculoskeletal therapies.

The Emmett technique is an internationally recognised therapy, actively practised in over 23 countries around the world. Developed by Queensland massage therapist Ross Emmett, its point of difference over other therapies was that clients could expect to see a reduction in pain or discomfort before they left the appointment. Mr. Emmett says, ‘it’s quick, effective and straight to the point.’ For frail people, babies or others with restricted mobility, the treatment is gentle and less intrusive than other forms of treatment. For sports people, it is a quick treatment, with quick release and quick action, which means less time off the field.

Just recently, a selected group of yoga instructors invited Ross to share with them a one-day course. This course featured specific moves to increase flexibility, allowing the recipient to move deeper into the pose. Each instructor was astounded by the improvements these small group of moves made, and how easily the moves could be performed on the students.

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