by Jasmine Healy-Pagan, Sundalah


How wonderful it is to see an abundance of yoga options flowing in our beautiful town! More and more people are learning that yoga is a multi-dimensional system that offers a variety of ways to support life. The intrinsic journey of yoga allows us to ‘re-set’ energetically so we can re-enter life feeling strong, relaxed and clear.

Yoga literally means ‘to yoke’ and implies the creation of balance within oneself and off the mat into daily life. Yoga also means ‘to bring together’ and this is one of the reasons why Sundalah was created in 2008 – to celebrate unity and the importance of building positive community connections. Sundalah connects people who are passionate about life, learning, and sharing new ways to support health and happiness.

Join us for our 10th Sundalah Sunday on August 30 at The Castle Hill PCYC and share in another very special day of yoga classes, workshops, music, markets and so much more! Join us on September 20 for our 6th annual Global Mala event on The Strand and celebrate the UN International Day of Peace. Your attendance not only celebrates commUNITY, you are also supporting Yoga Tools For Schools Inc. – health and wellbeing in our schools!

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Jasmine Healy-Pagan

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