by Hayley Paterson, Foundation Podiatry


Our feet are an engineering masterpiece, so let’s keep them that way! The 66 joints that make up your feet affect every joint right up to your neck. When neglected, our feet break down over time, leading to foot pain and discomfort.

  1. Stretch your feet daily. Your feet are the shock-absorbers for the body, allowing you to run, climb, jump and tackle uneven ground.
  2. Massage your feet daily. Roll your feet over a can or bouncy ball, focusing on the arch and any tender points. Releasing the strong fascia in your feet can also relax calf and hamstrings!
  3. Strengthen your feet daily. Toe scrunches, calf raises, arch roll-ups and more. Your feet have to carry your body everywhere it wants to go – so keep them strong!
  4. If the shoe fits, wear it. Footwear should promote the natural alignment of your feet. Say NO to ridiculously high heels, pointy toes, stiff sole shoes etc (sorry).
  5. Get back to nature! Add barefoot time outside on grass or sand to your daily habit. ‘Earthing’ has many benefits that are not just foot related!
Active Feet > Active Body > Active Life

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