by Robyn James, Woman Real Ignited


How many times a day do you pause to listen to YOUR greatness, to your internal world of wisdom, your natural guidance? Sometimes we listen to the wrong voice; we listen to the judge and the inner critic/victim reminding us we are not enough, that we are not whole, complete and perfect just as we are.

To listen to YOUR greatness is to change the inner critic/victim into a voice of love – to practise talking to ourselves like we would talk to our best friend.

We are ALL born pure, with amazing potential, and yet sometimes we stop listening, we stop feeling our natural greatness and, we unconsciously vow to hide it away and succumb to the powers of our inner critic/victim.

Events in our past can occur in which we harden our hearts in order to survive, we also build blocks to protect ourselves. This hardening, blocking and protecting seemed vital at the time, however now, it is preventing us living a full and fulfilling life.

The truth is that there is a part of you that knows how amazing, beautiful and gifted you are. Pause for a moment and take a deep breath in and recognise it in your body. Find it inside of you and nourish it; feed you, feel you and love yourself up. Listen inwards to your unique voice.. feel it.. be curious.. play!

You.. we.. everyone is so awesome.. so loved.. are LOVE.

(If you can’t feel it.. that’s OK.. it’s there! Relax.. trust.. BE you.. you are naturally love and greatness.)

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