by Karen Vidler, MK Farmers


We are living our dream on a small farm near Silkwood. We share our family life with wagyu cattle, 100+ tropical fruit and nut trees, which include mangos, guava, lychee, citrus, avocado, figs, quandong, lillypillies, mulberries, Burdekin plum, macadamias, pecans, dragon fruit, passionfruit, plus herb and vegetable gardens.

Our logo includes our windmill which supplies all our water needs. We use ours and other local produce to prepare a range of gourmet deli products including infused balsamic vinegars, sauces, relish and jams which we sell in local delis and stores across North Queensland and post across the country. We also supply some top restaurants and resorts.

Our kids are involved in all the aspects of our farming. This is what we value most – raising our kids with a focus on growing our own food and having the freedom that farm life brings.

After the great response to our popup café, Farmers Taste, we will soon have a regular café at Family Life Organics on Woolcock Street. FARMERS CAFE brings ours and other local farmers’ paddock produce to your plate. We provide a seasonally changing menu of deli rolls and salads with vegan, gluten free, dairy free and paleo options in our menu.

We have teamed with Bounce coffee to deliver high quality organic coffee blends roasted here locally. We showcase Jourama gourmet mushrooms, Backfatters’ bacon, Jervoise beef, Majors Creek eggs and Mungalli milk in our menu regularly.

We also feature Gluten Free Loves’ soft and seedy rolls as a another lunch option. Our mobile popup café is available for events & functions.

We sure hope to see you at Sundalah Sunday this year too! Contact us on mobile 0438 487 794 or by email on for more information.

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