by Kylie Grimmer & Sandra Croaker, Yoga Tools For Schools

Routine application of Yoga Tools contributes to the co-creation of respectful and supportive learning environments.

Yoga Tools For Schools Inc has been delivering Professional Development trainings since 2012, beginning with a six week Pilot Program with three Townsville schools. The Pilot Program exposed 26 educators to yoga-based exercises and empowered them to share these Yoga Tools with their students in the classroom setting, bringing attention to self-care, self-awareness and self-management.

Regular use of Yoga Tools allows for awareness of emotional reactivity for both educator and student and subsequently the application of focusing, calming and energising tools to effectively regulate one’s emotions. The ability to recognise and regulate emotions means improved ability to concentrate and attend to the task at hand. Being able to better calm oneself and others has similar effects on self-regulation, cognitive flexibility, creativity, concentration and attention.

The self-care, self-awareness and self-management skills taught through Yoga Tools opens space for effective learning. The sense of interpersonal respect within a classroom setting between teacher and student has the power to transpire into the school community and beyond.

The feedback and data received from the Pilot Program has been analysed by a research team from James Cook University with continued research informing the YTFS training programs. The initial findings can be found on our website – (now

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