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by Dea Mitchell, Mitchell Music


Have you ever looked closely at someone playing an instrument? Did you notice that glint in their eyes, the smile on their face and the joy emanating from them? As a private music teacher, Nic Mitchell gets to witness that every day. “Students can feel like they’re part of a band; learning various instruments while playing their favourite songs,” says Nic. “The emphasis is on fun!”

Nic is a local Townsville boy, a father of four, band leader for a local church and a private music teacher at his very successful music studio, Mitchell Music, located in Mount Louisa. Nic’s love for music began at a young age when learning piano. He then went on to teach himself guitar and drums and now teaches all ages guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and ukulele with an emphasis on fun.

“It’s been seven years now since I decided to turn my passion for music into my profession and I’ve never been happier,” he says.

There are so many reasons to learn a musical instrument, such as increased memory and decreased stress. For children, playing a musical instrument helps develop creative thinking, motor skills, and socialisation; but the biggest reason to learn an instrument is simply because it’s fun!

Regardless of age, it’s never too early or late to experience the joy of learning something new. That feeling of accomplishment when you “nail that song,” or the feeling when you’re playing for someone, or jamming with someone is like no other. Nic believes that playing music is one of the most satisfying experiences and it is truly like no other.

“Music has had such a remarkable influence on my life, and I’m truly passionate about giving that experience to others”, says Nic.

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