Article by Sharn Rocco, Mindful Works


A good life is a life lived consciously. Within the ancient traditions of mindfulness practice, the intention to live consciously is supported by intention and attention to form. Mindfulness is a practice for living consciously – intentionally paying attention, moment-to-moment, free from judgment.

Aptly described as, ‘good in the beginning, good in the middle, good in the end’, this form can be applied to any conscious effort intended to bring mindfulness to life. With intention, you can transform the whole day, the parts of the day and the various tasks throughout the day – even something as simple as adding milk to a cup of tea.

Live consciously with form. When you open your eyes each morning, begin by noticing what is in you – physical sensations, feelings, thoughts; and around you – light shade, colours, shapes and textures. Smile. How’s your form? Good.

During the day, know what’s calling for your attention and attend to it. Good.

At the end of the day, notice what you feel grateful for and acknowledge your efforts, no matter how small. Good.

Every effort, every day, every moment makes a difference. Make it good in the beginning, good in the middle and good in the end.

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