by Paddy McGrath, Dancing Spine Yoga


Our spines are not interested in lengthening, stretching, straightening or any of that ‘stuff that we demand of it.’ Our spine does something much more superior. Due to its clever, individually articulated, vertebral design, its natural movement is like that of a snake. A graceful fluid concert of zig zags as the weight transfers down or up its length like a snake rippling effortlessly through the grass. Your spine is the joyful recognition of natural movement irrespective of flexibility. This freedom is our birth right.

Several years ago I began working with Diane Long, foremost student of the legendary Vanda Scaravelli. I was shown that I could still do (play with) all the asanas (yoga postures) but set the conditions and focus to allow this spinal movement brilliance to occur.

After about 20 years of traditional yoga, I fell in love with and was awed by this approach, finding it ever fascinating. So now my spine dances with joy while my intellect lags behind, scribbling frantically in its notebook.

Paddy teaches from April to August on Magnetic Island ( Contact Meredith Starck 0478 192 901 or

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