by Dr Ray Mullen and Jennifer Mullen, Nautilus Health


We love sharing a meditation, breath and movement practice that we’ve enjoyed for almost 24 years. We’ve practised many forms of yoga including Hatha, Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga. Yoga has become our morning miracle, a time to be, breathe and move before we begin our day with others.

The Moon Sequence is a good first practice because it is gentle, it takes pressure off the upper body, shoulders and wrists, and places more emphasis on the lower body, lower spine and hips. It’s slower, more meditative and teaches good breathing.

Ray: Going to my mat 3-4 times a week is enough to maintain my cardiovascular health, muscle resistance and flexibility and bring balance to other forms of exercise I enjoy. Because yoga is an embodied experience, it helps me take better care of myself and I don’t push myself to the point of injury.

Jennifer: As a therapist I know there is a need to help people understand their responses to external events and to come home to themselves and be in a relationship in a more trusting way. I came to yoga after a serious injury and I now enjoy life without physical tension and I’ve learnt to attend to myself in a thoughtful, loving way.

Ray and Jennifer are Certified Teachers of Moon Sequence, Vinyasa Flow and Primary Series yoga.

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