by Belinda Stevenson – Karmness Centre


Meditation and mindfulness are such buzz words at the moment aren’t they? We all have this “knowing” that this is something we should be incorporating into our life, but do we really know why? There are so many myths and misconceptions relating to meditation but here is one simple, enticing reason to start a regular practice.

We live in a vibrant, modern and exciting world where we are taught that if we set goals, take responsibility, have persistence and of course, take action, that we can have whatever we want. So we do this by actively engaging in particular tasks and focusing. If we were to put our brains on an MRI scanner we would see that certain regions of the brain are activated when we are focused on doing these tasks. The thing to realise here is that other regions of the brain are not being accessed because they don’t need to be.

Now during meditation you could be forgiven for thinking that the brain takes a little siesta while you’re on your way to Nirvana! You would think that not much is happening in there, but in fact, the opposite is true. Your brain is lit up like a Christmas tree connecting with many regions of your brain and this is the time when we come up with amazing ideas. When we can find solutions to things that we may have not been able to discover in the focused state. This is the creative state of flow.

In our fast-paced world, if you can activate your focus as well as a state of flow, then you can tap into your true potential and who knows where that may take you in this life!

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