by Karen Vidler – Farmers Cafe


‘Let food be thy medicine’ is the uniting mandate of Family Life Organics and Farmers Cafe; sharing a space where together they focus on providing delicious food to nourish the body and soul. As small family businesses, they support and showcase fresh produce from local farmers and strive to engage the wider community, and especially our children, with eating a rainbow every day! Discovering and sharing nutritious food is the passion for both Farmers Cafe and Family Life Organics at 238 Woolcock Street, Currajong.

Nutrition Australia says that, “Fruit and vegetables fall into five different colour categories: red, purple/blue, orange, green and white/brown. Each colour carries its own set of unique disease fighting chemicals called phytochemicals. It is these phytochemicals that give fruits and vegetables their vibrant colour and their unique healthy benefits, including anti-cancer and anti-viral properties.”

Family Life Organics is Townsville’s friendliest and freshest whole food market. You will certainly feel at home when you visit. If you are missing old-school customer service, let one of the amazing team carry your groceries to your car!

You can trust the experience behind the business, benefit from their great customer loyalty program and also choose to shop online and have your groceries delivered to your door. The shop has undergone an exciting expansion/refurbishment recently too.

While you shop, grab an organic coffee or smoothie and taste the freshness. Farmers Cafe offers a seasonal menu sourced from Family Life Organics and other small local clean farmers. The cafe serves a wide range of deli rolls, toasties, brunch and buddha bowls to cater for all. We focus on ‘made from scratch’ real food with vegan, dairy and gluten free options.

Family Life Organics and Farmers Cafe want you to have access to the best, certified organic, gluten free, vegan and locally-sourced produce and groceries in our town. Eating a rainbow every day is great in so many ways and is always available for you at Family Life Organics and Farmers Cafe!

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