by Tatjana Hannan – Sea of Harmony


We all are born innocent, with our hearts open into the long history of our family. The love for our parents and the need to survive creates bonds and loyalties. When events from the past are still affecting you and your children’s lives, the difficulties may have unconsciously transferred from one generation to another. Anxiety, negative thoughts, relationship issues and addictions, as well as joy, success and beliefs are part of our history, so they are often taken on by our children.

Systemic Constellation is described as a Short Therapy which is a healing system delivering positive results immediately. This energy work uses representatives for different family members to show the dynamic of the whole. Being able to observe these from a safe distance facilitates healing in a respectful way. Representatives can be participants in a workshop, figurines on a table or placemats on the floor. The reconciliation and deep healing can be felt instantly and will ripple through the system, without the actual family being present. This is a form of family therapy without the family getting in the way.

This unique process has been used with families for decades in Europe and the Americas. Now in Australia, it has been successfully used with families, in organisations, personal development, decision making and mediation.

Sea of Harmony offers workshops with different themes and one-on-one sessions in Magnetic Island and Townsville.

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