by Kerry Spina – Parent Educator Collective


Here is a mindful practice to help kick-start your day. This practise aims to cultivate awareness and the pace you travel to support you to make more space for calm, connection and joy no matter how out-of-sync or crazy your day gets.

We know all too well the crash and burn effect associated with rushing! That rush zone, where you’re in a hurry and you kick your toe, lock your keys in the car, and put the milk in the cupboard. The more we rush, the less mindful we are of the moments in between and the more forgetful we become. This only adds to our parental stress and fearful self-perceptions of not being good enough and capable enough for our children.

Notice your Pace: in Praise of Slow

When rushing, whisper within, “I have all the time in the world.”

Walk slower, speak slower and make an active choice not to move so fast. Even when you are in a rush, it supports you to slow down your body, which in turn helps you to slow down your mind. This brings an element of calm not only to you but to your whole environment and the way you perceive the world. This also models to your child a calm and steady nature. It gives you both a momentary glimpse of freedom, where you are no longer at the mercy of the modern world and its hasty nature.

Use this empowering practice to check-in to calm, connection and confidence for your whole family to FLOURISH!

Let’s power up mindfulness together!

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