Life, happiness, and connecting to your source


by Meredith Starck – Belama House Yoga Shala


Living life each day can guide our direction in what we choose to do. The path to find a balance seems to be a need for us all. Keeping a journal for most of my life has supported me to trust the steps taken without judging my choices. It reminds me to listen to my intuitive heart and remember the highs and lows and try to follow a path that brings happiness into my life.

I remember my early interest in natural spaces, growing up on beautiful islands and being in Canada in the summer with the fresh clean smell of the forest. As a child these were happy days filled with experience outdoors, playing with siblings, cousins and grandparents.

As I grow older these natural spaces are the places where I return, finding comfort and solace in daily life. It is where I can honour my heritage and give thanks to sacred places that have always given comfort. Spending time understanding the wonders of our natural world, reminds one to always trust the process and take a few more steps to listen, again and again.

I am often drawn back to my roots, whether it be physical or through written texts providing further insight. Choosing to live at this time on Magnetic Island has provided another supremely beautiful natural space. Here, a daily practice of listening, feeling and rejuvenating has brought further joy and happiness. As the excess of doing becomes less time consuming, the pleasure of ease becomes so much more satisfying.

Living life experimentally, growing and seeking a holistic approach to life helped me to return to my source and to cherish, acknowledge and give thanks both to and for it.

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