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By purchasing the full page in the magazine you are not restricted to the standard advertisement sizing, so the page can be created with an article and/or some imagery and/or advertising in any way that is informative, looks great, pops and suits your business. We are hoping to still be able to share as many articles as possible as this is one of the main attractions of the Sundalah CommUNITY Magazine. But the content of the this full page is ultimately up to you.

* Please Note: Graphic Design and Article Edit support are limited to overall arrangement/layout of provided articles and images, with minor editing provided only. Creation of full articles and/or major editing, as well as design of full page advertisements will be at additional expense. You are most welcome to provide completed and print ready advertisement/article pages in compliance with our yearly Media Kit (available from January each year) or we can offer our services in Graphic Design and Article Editing. Please contact us after purchase if you require our services. Thanks so much for supporting our local community magazine.

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