by Jasmine Healy-Pagan


Each day we rise to a range of choices, such as how we choose to eat, speak, work, play, rest, and so on. Our choices determine our experiences along the path and uncertain timeline called Life. Creating health and happiness throughout life is a priority to most, so why is it that these qualities elude so many of us? Answers to this question far exceed the word count here, but this question does lay some foundation to why Sundalah was created in Townsville in 2008.

Personally, I have learnt that it is self-study that opens the door to health and happiness. If I were to recall when it was that elements of self-study began in my life, it would be while living in New York City from age 23. During this time I was faced with a stream of choices that would reveal a variety of pathways waiting ahead. The year was 1995, the internet was barely understood, email was a foreign substance and a beeper was your mobile connection!

It was in NYC that the practice of yoga was presented to me as an option to explore. Looking back now, I wasn’t quite ready for this journey called yoga, until again, and again this “yoga option” kept on appearing before me. Gradually I started to dabble in some yoga classes. But it wasn’t until experiencing the pressures of working as a director in a fast growing corporate company, that I began to seek some serious work-life balance for my tired body and unsettled mind. This was when the defining yoga experience entered my life. I had found a yoga class that delivered exactly what I needed. I felt strong and relaxed all at once. My mind was clear and I was ready to go back to work!

Returning to Australia in 2006 was a time when the majority of people I met understood yoga to be “some kind of religion” or a pastime for flexible people. This misunderstanding is why I became so passionate about sharing the ‘big picture’ of yoga in Townsville.

Yoga literally means: ‘to yoke or to unify’ and implies the creation of balance within oneself, and off the mat into life. We all have areas within ourselves or in our life that we wish to strengthen, open, heal or balance. Yoga gradually deepens our sense of self by inviting us to step out of life’s busy list of expectations. The intrinsic journey of yoga allows us to ‘re-set’ energetically so we can re-enter life feeling balanced and with ease. Yoga is a multi-dimensional system that offers a variety of ways to support living. This is what I love most about Yoga. Yoga is universal!

To help more people better understand yoga, Sundalah became a neutral platform for Townsville yoga teachers to unite and help people find a style of yoga that best suits their current needs. Sundalah is also a large commUNITY of positive people passionate about life, learning, and sharing new ways to support health and happiness.

Sundalah also united a group of teachers and parents in 2011 for the creation of Australia’s first not-for-profit yoga in education organisation called Yoga Tools For Schools Inc. Sundalah Events and related projects have raised more than $15,000 for Yoga Tools For Schools Inc. during the past three years. This year we will host the ninth Sundalah Sunday and fifth Global Mala fundraising events. We sure hope you can join us!

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