by Allison Dearling, Live and Breathe Yoga


When I talk to people new to yoga I often hear, “Oh I’m not flexible enough for yoga” – and to be honest it drives me crazy! It’s like saying, “Oh I’m too hungry to eat dinner.” Yoga is not about being bendy. It’s so much more. Actually the really bendy people struggle more that the super stiff people.

The difference I see in those who really start to benefit from a yoga practice are the ones who have faith in the practice and their body, and are willing to show up and have a go. Additionally they keep showing up, especially when it gets hard. Flexible or not, they are willing to look silly, fall over, be a bit sore after a session, and NOT be able to do everything.

Now there’s a thought…not being able to do everything! How’s that for a challenge!?

You don’t need to punish your body, you need to nurture it and no matter what you do to it or what you put into it, it is always trying to heal itself and be the best it can be.

Once you start to practise yoga, you start doing other self care practices like eating healthy, deep breathing, being in nature, moving mindfully, having enough sleep, and allowing yourself time to rejuvenate. You start to believe in your body. Trust it. Possibly even love it! So go on, take that leap of faith – I dare you!

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