by Cath McLellan, Om Tucker


Why Om Tucker? As a yoga teacher I have always loved to chant Om. To answer the question ‘what does Om mean?’ would take much historical and spiritual explanation, which is not required here, as Om Tucker isn’t based on the meaning of Om, it is based on the physical practice of chanting Om and the physical action of preparing and eating food.

When I chant ‘Om’ a vibration runs through my body, and the room resonates when a group of people chant together. Chanting Om at the end of a yoga class focuses my mind, unites my mind / body / spirit and the group chanting together. I am aligning with mother nature, with the universe, grounding myself, feeling at peace, connected and content. It is all about how it makes me feel.

For me preparing, cooking and eating food is very similar. I feel calm, peaceful and grounded when I am in the kitchen, walking through a farmers market, planning a menu or sitting around a table with a group of people sharing the amazing spoils of mother nature. It feeds my mind / body / soul and I feel happy, connected and content!

When I chant Om I consciously allow the sounds to move through my body, vibrating along the way and eventually leaving via the mouth. When I eat food I allow the flavours and textures to ignite my mouth allowing the sensations to move through my body. So, after chanting the sound Om or eating a delicious mouthful of Red Lentils in Masala Sauce, I get the same end result ….Mmmmmmmm…. before I slip into this amazing silence filled with peace, fulfillment and contentment.

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