Welcome to our 4th annual Sundalah Mini Mag! This publication was first created in 2013 to inform our town of the wonderful community events we share each year. For many years, hundreds of people have gathered at Sundalah Sunday (this year 28 August) and Global Mala (25 September 2016) to connect, learn and explore fun and healthy ways to feel great. Last year we also added World Yoga Day to our line up, which is a free community yoga class at Strand Park and in 2016 is happening 29 June at 7am.

Sundalah is a community platform that supports you in finding ways to enhance health, happiness and inner fulfilment. Yoga is a system of self-study that also supports these values and this is why we share a local yoga directory on our website – to help you find a yoga class that supports your individual needs. You will also find many other health, wisdom and inspiration businesses on our website. Many of these awesome local business owners share their passion at Sundalah Sunday.

If you prefer to be updated via email on what’s new in local workshops, classes and events, simply subscribe by visiting www.sundalah.com.au/newsletter. You will receive a monthly bulletin of choices to keep you in our community loop.

CommUNITY has always been important to me. We are tribal beings that need love, support and positive connections to thrive. We also need ways to heal and understand ourselves intrinsically so that we can serve with purpose and make a positive difference in this world. With acceptance, understanding and heartfelt connections, we really can raise conscious vibrations around us!

Thank you so much for reading and sharing any of our collective offerings with those you feel may be interested. Since 2008, the Sundalah vision is one that connects and supports people through the wonderful wisdom of self- study, healthy lifestyle choices and daily inspiration and we hope to see you along that Sundalah path soon!

Best wishes,

Jasmine Healy-Pagan

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