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Rosemary Schmid has recently set up her commercial kitchen and new business called Artisan Vegan which provides the knowledge and skills for learning how to prepare naturally healthy and wholesome foods for the whole family. Located in Currajong, Rosemary’s kitchen is 100% plant based, organic, gluten and dairy free with foods sourced locally whenever possible.

Rosemary began her passion for health and nutrition when she studied at Nature Care College in Sydney in the 1990s and she worked as a clinician in Nutrition and Remedial Therapies for many years. Over the last six years, Rosemary’s focus has been with plant based sports nutrition and whole food culinary nutrition. As a vegetarian for most of her life she became a vegan eight years ago because she was seeking healthier dietary choices and also to help support sustainability for our planet.

Rosemary’s cooking classes are designed to help people prepare a vast range of healthy plant based dishes and snacks. These small group classes last for 2-3 hours to ensure maximum interaction, questions and hands-on involvement. Rosemary is also available for health coaching and private cooking lessons. You can also receive a kitchen makeover and shopping tour from Rosemary so you can learn specifics on suitable equipment, guidance and what to look for when reading labels and shopping for ingredients.

Although Rosemary produces a range of foods under the Artisan Vegan label, her aim is to teach people how to make these products in their own kitchen.

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