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Dancenorth has been an epicentre for collaboration and artistic exchange for many years.

It is a great place to have fun and be active, try new dance styles and meet new people, with a wide range of ‘Open Classes’ on offer. Open Class is a hub of opportunity, a large program where you can embrace the diversity of dance, connect with your body and have fun along the way.

Dancenorth offers a space where the community can come together to experience Ballet, Zouk Fusion, Flashback Dance, Contemporary Dance, Enable Dance (for people with a disability) Pilates, Forever young 50+ Dance, Lycra Life Aerobics, Kidz move (creative dance for primary aged students) and Aerial Silks course opportunities.

Dance classes get your heart pumping while exercising the muscles, making your brain function to its full potential. This offers numerous health and wellbeing benefits. Dance is a unique language that cuts through social barriers and it is about inclusion and diversity.

Susie van den Ham from Dancenorth’s Community Outreach Team says, “learning dance routines helps strengthen your sense of balance, heightens your sense of rhythm and fine tunes co-ordination. It makes you smile more, feel lighter and you’ll naturally find yourself back the next week wanting more. Dance is for everybody!”

Dancenorth’s Open Class participants experience a sense of achievement and feelings of euphoria while having a fun time and socialising. When you treat yourself to dance, you instantly feel joy, bringing positive movements into your life.

Open Class supports the community to participate and get to know their local dance company, plus find out about our broader professional program, seasons and workshops. It’s a two way street, we want to meet people who love dance! Can’t wait to see you in class!

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