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These days we are empowered with choice when it comes to our own health and wellbeing. There is a movement of realisation which is seeing more and more people make empowered choices about what they are prepared to expose themselves and their loved ones to. When it comes to personal care and home products, many open-minded individuals are concerned about the plethora of chemicals in products they use and consume on a daily basis and the impact it could have on their long-term health. Many of these chemicals can have serious side-effects on personal health and also on our planet and most chemicals are hidden behind acronyms or are words that are often unpronounceable!

Here in Townsville we are fortunate to have choice. We have several select establishments specialising in organic options allowing the opportunity to buy quality products and produce without the need to get the dictionary out to learn what we are actually consuming.

Buff Me products were created to fill a gap in the market which has been largely untouched until now. While organic produce and personal care items have become much more accessible in recent times, there is little choice in organic products for our cars.

Clearly cars themselves are not designed to be environmentally friendly, but at Buff Me we believe that every little bit we can do helps. This is why we decided to launch a range of products to give people the choice of using organic products on the exterior and interior of their cars, without having to sacrifice quality. Buff Me is locally owned and operated.

Buff Me products are all natural and organic, giving you peace of mind that you are using products that are good for your health, good for your car and good for the environment.

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